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Not Dead Enough to Stay Down Chapter 9: The Finale :icontessaturtle:TessaTurtle 0 2
Not Dead Enough to Stay Down Chapter 8
Just as I turned away, the car smashed into a tree. I blacked out, and the last thing I remembered was smoke.
I heard some indistinct mumbling as my eyes fluttered open. It looked as if I had been out for hours, because I wasn’t daytime anymore. It was pitch-black; I could barely see 5 feet in front of me. I examined myself, and found a huge cut into my leg and one of my fingers twisted in the wrong direction. I slowly stood up, and tried not to let out a moan of pain in case anything was watching.
“Emily? Mike? Claire? Are any of you guys here?” I slowly limped across the sideways car. “Fuck my leg….”
I found a bit of blood splatter, but no one else at crash site. All of our packs, even mine, were gone. There wasn’t even a blood trail to follow. I was injured, alone, and supply-less in the apocalypse. The only weapons I had were a (thankfully) fully loaded Desert Eagle and a bread knife. And it was a f**king sharp bread knife.
I made my way d
:icontessaturtle:TessaTurtle 0 3
Not Dead Enough to Stay Down Chapter 7
Emily signaled for us to be quiet, and we dropped to the ground. I heard some crying for the drug store and a scream. On impulse, Mike and I ran in (back to the whole save people thing again). An Asian woman had just bashed a zombies head in, but she was covered in bites.
“Oh god,” Mike hurried into a corner and puked a little.
“Please find my son! He’s tall brunette, about that age… Oh GOD NO!” the woman’s description fit the walker she had just put down and she burst out crying.
“Why why oh god why? What did I do? What did he- oh god,” the woman sobbed and sobbed and shot herself in the head.
“NO!” Emily shouted.
I heard the wail of more dead approaching the drug store. I grabbed Emily and ran, with Mike closely behind. We took the shelter of a library. We hid in the back between comic book shelves.
“At least there’s some good reading material,” I could tell Mike was trying to lighten the mood, but i
:icontessaturtle:TessaTurtle 0 0
Not Dead Enough to Stay Down Chapter 6
“Told you,” I squeezed my eyes shut and flinched. “Ok, um, how bout we trade supplies. It’s better than Emily’s ‘smart’ plan of stealing.”
“Fair enough!” the boy put the gun down and smiled at us. “I’m Michael.”
“I’m Rose and this is Emily,” I said awkwardly to him. All the boys at my high school were shorter than me; somehow all of those boys were less than 5”11, so meeting a person of the male gender who was actually an inch or two taller than me was weird.
“Those are very pretty names,” he winked at us.
“Excuse me?” Emily gave me the WTF look as she back away a little.
“Let’s see… We have 5 bottles of water each, some canned soup, canned meat, eeww canned asparagus, a few bottles of Pepsi Max, and some candy bars,” I finished looking through our packs and shrugged at him.
“How many candy bars exactly?” Michael’s comp
:icontessaturtle:TessaTurtle 0 2
Not Dead Enough to Stay Down Chapter 5
I froze as I heard a knock on the door. I whispered in Emily's ear to wake her up, and silently looked through the peephole. I saw a boy with jaggedly cut red hair and pleading blue eyes, he looked anxious and scared.
"Em? Please tell me you're still here. It's Kenny, and I really need you right now. Could you please show me any sign you're there? Please?" the boy knocked on the door again anxiously.
"Emily lives here… Why do you need her?" I tried to use my best scruffy man voice, and it sounded pretty convincing.
Emily pushed me out of the way and opened the door. She hugged Kenny and closed the door behind her.
"Where's the dude?" Kenny looked around surprised.
"You're looking at her. Name's Rose," I shook his hand and when I looked at my own I saw blood. His blood.
"Kenny, what's going on?" Emily looked concerned at the blood on my hand.
"I got bit yesterday," he looked up at her pleadingly. "It's not the bite that does it! I swear!"
"Oh god, Kenny…" Emily clasped her hand over her
:icontessaturtle:TessaTurtle 2 4
Not Dead Enough to Stay Down Chapter 4
I ran for a while and when I saw a walker coming towards me I scurried up a tree. I Looked between the tree branches and saw a old woman fighting off at least 20 walkers. I jumped off onto a walker and put a bullet in its head. She looked up at me, either surprised she wasn't the only survivor or that I was helping a complete stranger.
Emily spun around the corner and started knifing them, and took out double what the old woman had.
"Nice of you to show," I smirked as I avoided guts splashing in my face.
"I couldn't let my favourite brunette go off and kill herself now could I? Who is the old hag?" she replied as she shot one right between the eyes.
"No clue blondie," I chuckled as I shot the last one.
We hurried her over to the cabin and boarded up the windows, locked the door, and all the other safety precautions.
"Who are you?" the old woman asked, sounding like we had just murdered her baby.
"Whoa there Bessie! It's common courtesy to introduce yourself first, graveyard. We DID jus
:icontessaturtle:TessaTurtle 0 0
Not Dead Enough to Stay Down Chapter 3
I awoke to hear footsteps coming toward me. I jumped up and point my gun straight and the head of messy blond hair.
"Calm down! I was just getting a hairbrush for god sakes!" the other girl forced the pistol out of her face.
"Oh, sorry. I've been living on the road, so if I hear something coming towards me…. It's a reflex," I mumbled as she began to brush her hair. "So what's your name anyway?"
"Isn't it common courtesy to introduce yourself first?" she snapped.
"Okay, you got me. My name's Rose," I said sighing and began to brush my own long brunette hair. "Now you."
"Emily," she replied as rubbed her large blue eyes.
"So, Emily, is this going to be a temporary set up? How long are you even staying here? Do you have any plans?" I decided it was finally my time to ask questions.
"You can stay, as long as you don't piss me off. I've stayed here for a week. And I do have a plan. I'm gonna leave this dump and find a boat!"Emily replied triumphantly.
"One problem: anyone who had a boat too
:icontessaturtle:TessaTurtle 0 3
Not Dead Enough to Stay Down Chapter 2
"HELLO! Don't be hasty! I thought this cabin was abandoned! I'm sorry! Please don't shoot; I don't want walkers up our ass!" I said as I flung my arms in the air.
"OUR ass? If I fired this gun the only one here would be me! What made you think this cabin was abandoned?" the girl scowled at me, not lowering her gun. She looked about seventeen, only a year older than I was.
"Nothing was around! There was only trash! About that, you should really wash that feather bed. It's disgusting!" I retorted.
"I don't own a Laundromat, princess," she began to lower her gun. "Did you even search the place to check for the dead? I swear, when I found this place there was one of them locked up in the bathroom."
"I didn't…" I lowered my hands.
"And you were just ready to put your pretty little head on a pillow and hope the boogey man doesn't come out and bite ya?" the girl's look of pure astonishment made me feel very stupid.
"Guess so…" I scratched my head and managed a weak and awkward smile. "Are you
:icontessaturtle:TessaTurtle 0 4
Not Dead Enough to Stay Down Chapter 1
I stopped dead as I heard the scratching on my car door. I gulped as I looked out my window and saw… it. Its skin was shrivelled like a dried prune, blood oozing from its stump arm as well as mouth, and it looked like it was suffering from a severe case of anorexia. 'Don't make a noise,' I thought to myself. But knew it was useless, this thing already had seen me.I put my foot on the gas and drove off, at seventy miles an hour. I didn't want to attract more of them with a gunshot.
I had stopped in an abandoned cabin in the forest that night. I saw a dirty feather bed, and threw it out the window while I laid down my clean sleeping bag. How'd I know it was abandoned? None of the supplies were her, and there was rust on the door knob. I brushed my brunette curls and took a gulp of my ever-lowering water supply. I had just about gone to sleep when I heard it:
"Don't move, bitch!"
:icontessaturtle:TessaTurtle 0 4
Maryland's Intro
"Rise and shine Snicker doodle!" South awoke to find a body of dark red Spartan armour up in her face.
"What the-" South went into defensive mode and grabbed the pistol at the foot of her bed.
"Whoa! Take a chill pill, Snicker doodle. No need to get your gun in my face. Forgot to set you're alarm clock," the red Spartan teased. South still could tell if they were a boy or a girl, they were defiantly using a voice filter. This Spartan certainly acted like a boy.
"Who the hell are you?"
"Your new bunkmate, but I'm seriously considering a transfer."
"The Director doesn't allow transfers."
"I am really starting to like that guy…"
"Wait, only girls can bunk with other… You're a girl?" South raised an eyebrow.
"I have feminine lumps on my chest, if that helps O Great Smart One. I /wanted/ to bunk with Wyoming or Maine, but they were dudes. So I got stuck with you. What's your name blondie?" the red Spartan stopped using the filter. Her voice was a lot less hoarse, but had a tint of robotic e
:icontessaturtle:TessaTurtle 4 2
If They Survive by TessaTurtle If They Survive :icontessaturtle:TessaTurtle 2 5
Secret Santa part 5
"Christmas turkey?" North suggested.
"Yeah!" the collective chorus shouted.
The freelancers sat at the decimated table. It had several dents from how much all the food had weighed. Now, most of that food was gone.
"I think I'm gonna pu-" Wash ran out.
Tex took a swig of eggnog, while Carolina held her mouth closed and tried to make her mind not think about the pain in her stomach.
"Hey, who steamed the broccoli?" CT asked spitting some green sludge in a napkin.
"Me," South coughed.
"I'm going to bed. I think I'm going to have a turkey hangover tomorrow," North stumbled into the hall way, but didn't get very far before he slumped down on the ground and fell fast asleep.
"York, if you try any mistletoe bullshit, I'll-" Carolina's head hit the table and fell asleep.
"Is she okay?" York asked, and almost poked her, but re-thought it quickly.
"Night," CT and South m
:icontessaturtle:TessaTurtle 17 10
Secret Santa part 4
South pulled burnt lemon cookies out of the oven and sat them on the counter next to CT's burnt walnut cookies, Tex's perfect chocolate chip cookies, and Carolina's perfect chocolate chip and vanilla chip cookies.
"I HAVE AN IDEA!" CT motioned for the other girls to bring their tray's of cookies in the other room. "Hey guys!"
"What?" A chorus of jittery-eyed freelancer boys asked (they'd just seen a weeping angel episode.)
"We just proved  that out of all of us who were the worst and best cooks. So, I propose that whoever gives the WORST gifts at the end has to eat a cake made by me and South," CT proposed.
"I think you've had too much eggnog, but that sounds really fun!" Wash practically squeaked, then turned bright red with embarrassment.
Three days later, it was the final day of Secret Santa. The Freelancers, once again, each had a class of eggnog and their
:icontessaturtle:TessaTurtle 14 0
Secret Santa part 3
"Wha'd you get, CT?" Wash asked as he unwrapped a manual on how t properly clean a rifle.
"Pistol ammo," CT said as she loaded the new round.
"North?" York looked over at his friend while he examined the new Monty Python disc collection.
"3 grenades," North murmured as he made sure the pins were secure.
The Freelancers sat in an awkward circle. Carolina unwrapped a shiny new set of knives. Tex was sharpening her gravity hammer in the back corner. Wyoming was playing his present on the television, he was viewing season 5 Doctor Who. South was sketching, and Maine was polishing a prototype of his favorite weapon.
"I, am going to bust out the eggnog!" York headed into the kitchen.
"Hey Carolina," CT Looked up from her gun to give the other agent a smug look.
"What?" Carolina looked around the room, being her usual paranoid self.
"I bet 20 dollars you can't bake cookies," CT raised her eyebrows at Carolina, then shifted her eyes back and forth at the other female freelancers.
"Challenge ex
:icontessaturtle:TessaTurtle 20 2
Secret Santa part 2
Texas sighed as she walked down the halls. She just HAD to get this person. 'My luck. Ugh, I guess I'll just ask CT or someone.'
Texas headed toward the cafeteria and bumped into York.
"Oh, uh, sorry!" York held up his hands randomly.
"Can I ask you a question York?" Tex stared straight at him with that 'we ca do this the easy way, or the hard way' look on her face.
"Uh, okay. What?" York asked, trying not to sound too intrigued.
"What should I get Carolina for secret santa?"
South woke up to find a square sitting on her knees. It was wrapped in cat wrapping paper.
"Wash's my secret santa? I can't wait to see this," she mumbled as she ripped open the wrapping paper.
Her eyes lit up with remembrance as she stared at the 400 page sketch pad sitting at her feet.
:icontessaturtle:TessaTurtle 21 12
Secret Santa part 1
Carolina picked a name from the hat for Secret Santa. She unfolded the small paper. She blinked a couple times and her eyes widened.
"WHAT?" she mumbled.
"I got Maine. That guys gonna be hard to get a gift for. Seriously, we just have to get them stuff that we think they'll like. What does he like? Guns, maybe. Who'd you get Carolina?" York asked.
"Texas," Carolina sighed.
"Bad luck! Dang, what do you get Tex?" North patted Carolina sympathetically on the back. "I got Wash."
"Can't tell, it's one of you three," Wyoming cracked his neck and dumped his tray into the garbage. "How much stuff do we get them again?"
"Wha'd I miss? You get them 1 present per day, and there are five days," Wash sat down. "Hey North, what's South into?"
"Excuse me?" North raised an eyebrow.
"NO! NO! I MEAN'T FOR THE SECRET SANTA THING!" Wash blushed and held up his hands.
"Good answer, um… She likes guns and grenades, an
:icontessaturtle:TessaTurtle 32 16


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